Friday, October 28, 2011

the momma.

that pretty lady right there is my sweet mom and her birthday is tomorrow. happy birthday mom! we love and miss you so much.

you are my best friend. i admire and look up to you tremendously. thank you for continuing to bless my life every single day. hope you have a spectacular birthday!

we love you!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

three tangent tuesday.

i'm a pretty pathetic blogger lately, sorry. jared and i both have been so sick on and off, for what seems like months now. it's a little discouraging sometimes. and the few times we've been out and about, i haven't been toting my camera around. you know me.. what's a blog post without photos?? we're both feeling better and are loving that autumn is here! still need to go up in the canyons and take mad photos. the leaves are amazing.

anyway, here's a little three tangent tuesday for ya.

first, like i said, i love autumn. so maybe i've made apple crisp 3 times in the last month. what?

my new tai-pan bowl that i love. didn't get a photo of apple crisp, but i can't get enough of green apples lately.

second, a couple of nights ago, our power went out for about 4 hours. so, jared and i made shadow puppets on the ceiling while laying in bed. we need to practice our shadow puppet skills, big time. but i had fun.

third, i have a hard time leaving furniture in the same position for very long. jared can attest to this. i love repositioning pieces and finding new (and better) placement. so yesterday i went to town.



happy tuesday everyone.