Friday, December 30, 2011

mmm mmm mmm.

after a failed attempt at stuffing our faces with red iguana again (too hungry to wait an hour for a table), we ended up at stoneground tonight. GREAT dinner. i highly recommend the chipotle shrimp with polenta and yummy goodness. and then there was dessert which blew our minds. hot cinnamon & sugar donuts with ice cream. that's right. it happened.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

red iguana.

jared and i went to red iguana last night. and basically, i now want to go there every day, forever. i hadn't been in a while and this place is seriously good. if you're ever in SLC and need a place to eat, come here. how's that for an endorsement?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas time.

since i work today, jared and i celebrated our christmas yesterday...

one of my favorite traditions is driving around on christmas eve to see christmas lights. i LOVE good christmas lights. so friday night (our christmas eve), jared drove me around on the way home from work to find some. we ended up in the avenues and there were hardly any lights!! the avenues need to step it up! we still had a blast with groceries in the trunk, listening to christmas music on the radio, and trying to scope out some solid lights.

yesterday morning we opened gifts, rocked a little sherlock holmes at the theater (pretty great), and had an incredible dinner. we had a great day.

i will admit that i would much rather be at church with my sweetheart today, celebrating christmas, than at the hospital for 12 hours... but i'm grateful for our day yesterday.

merry merry christmas everyone. i hope you all have a beautiful day!

avenues christmas lights... i enjoyed these enough to have jared pull over.

can you tell i'm excited for my new stainless steel cookware?! thanks mom !

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

merry christmas!

wishing you all a very merry christmas!!! jared and i will be celebrating on christmas eve this year as i will be working christmas day. both of our sweet parents in arizona and in washington keep mentioning how much they wish we could come home for the holidays... and we wish we could, too! hopefully next year.

much, much love to all of you. we are truly grateful for wonderful friends and family. and we are especially grateful for our savior, jesus christ. we love this christmas season and the opportunity we have to remember christ's birth. merry christmas everyone!