Monday, March 28, 2011

kitten cat. birthday festivities.

meet Savvy. the newest member of our little family. Savvy is our little 6 month old rescue kitty from the Humane Society. there were some gorgeous little kittens being given away in the classifieds, but this little girl needed a home, and I couldn't leave her in her sad little cage. my birthday was yesterday, and Jared's is coming up soon, so she is our little birthday gift. this is my first kitty... I've always been a dog person... but am slowly adjusting. how could I say no to this precious little girl... ?

then Jared took me out for a wonderful birthday dinner at The Copper Onion, downtown. it has some of the most fantastic food!

lemon & thyme ricotta dumplings. ridiculous.

best beef stroganoff on the planet.

he's handsome.

then yesterday, sweet Dori had us over for a birthday dinner for me. so gracious and SO yummy. growing up Mom always prepared a St. Patty's dinner with corned beef, cabbage, irish soda bread, etc. we always loved it. so Dori prepared that yesterday. so good!!

Dori's darling place.

Jared, Penelope, & Savvy enjoying Alice in Wonderland.

chef Dori.


for dessert, The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford. Dori made, per my request. best birthday cake ever...

thank you Dori! we had a blast. it was a fabulous birthday weekend..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tuesday tuesday tuesday.

I have been awful at this Three Tangent Tuesday thing (posting about 3 random things). I'll work on that.. starting today.

#1. paper orbs. yes please.

I love our yarn balls, but I'm thinking I need to switch things up a little and do THESE!

#2. arizona cutting board?!
I guess I didn't know I had such a void in my life for such a cutting board until now!

of course, you can get one for whatever state you love... I could do either arizona or oregon. and isn't the little heart darling?

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#3. essentials.

I stumbled upon this mnmlist blog, specifically, the 10 essentials post. the author shared her essential items and I love it. way to simplify life!

some of my favorite essentials she listed: jeans, a few basic T's, water, fruit, books, notebook & pen, walks, and nature.

really makes me realize that I waste my time on things that are so unimportant (facebook, television, browsing the internet, oversleeping, etc.)

what are some of your essentials that you can't live without?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

drool worthy decor.

we are almost totally moved in... just have some dregs still remaining in our old place. as for the unpacking, I still have a lot to do. I have realized lately that I am a displayaholic. I have so much stuff that I want to hang and place on shelves, and let's be honest, we don't have that much room to do so. so I have been evaluating items that I absolutely LOVE and must keep, and those that aren't so essential/display-worthy.

in doing so, I have been looking at even more design blogs than normal, looking for ideas.

here are some favorites..

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Friday, March 11, 2011

let's talk mint.

one of my biggest color crushes is mint green. it POPS in the most deliciously fabulous way! I only have a few pieces of mint in my wardrobe and nail polish collection, but I don't think I have much, if any, throughout our apartment.

we recently purchased a large, old, wooden dresser, and it is currently sitting in our empty bedroom at the new apartment. the dresser is white. white is lovely, clean, and crisp. I would be more than happy leaving it white. but now... I'm thinking that might need to change.

yesterday while visiting the Sugarhouse D.I., I stumbled upon the nightstand I've been dreaming of. circa 1940's-50's, not in great condition, but it is perfect! (photos to come). I sent a photo of it to my mom who said it's just the kind she had while growing up. by the way, it was $4!

so I'm thinking either the nightstand or the dresser should be painted mint. how beautiful would a MINT DRESSER be?! (for those of you thinking to yourself that I'm a little special and that sounds rather gross to you... it's ok, we can remain friends).

ok.. now for some mint eye candy...











lastly... by far one of the yummiest candies known to man... and the candy factory is located in Phoenix. if you live there, go. get a free sample. and buy about 3 lbs of these french mints. ugh. to die for.