Thursday, August 18, 2011

some more snapshots. that's right, snapshots.

thought i'd share a few more photos from our fabulous phoenix trip.. sweet jared was extremely reluctant to travel in a car with the cats (understandably!) but let me have my way. my rationale: they might be just fine in the car, and will have fun playing at my parent's house... OR it could be a disaster in the car AND at my parent's house. only one way to find out! i told jared if it blew up in my face, i'd own it, and learn from it. turns out the girls were total champs in the car and in phoenix. props ladies!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

dori's birthday.

my gorgeous sister, dori, had a birthday!!! we had a fun little birthday get together at her place on sunday. we made noodles romano (aka: creamy creamy fatty goodness from heaven) and topped it off with coconut birthday cake. dori is so wonderful to us and we are very grateful to live so close to her. we love you, dori!!!

sweet niece, penelope, helping put candles on the coconut cake.

pretty birthday girl.

my gift to dori... a painting to remember our home state.

my sweetheart is SO handsome!!! i love him so.

we loved having annette and the kiddos join us, always fun with these sweet kids.

hope you had a great birthday, dori! xoxo

we love phoenix.

finally getting around to posting our photos from our trip to phoenix a couple of weeks ago. we had such a fabulous time and did not take nearly enough photos. we were shocked to survive a road trip with the two kitties, jared got his first taste of an arizona monsoon, we spent some wonderful time with wonderful family, shopping at last chance and h&m, and had a blast basking in the pool. fabulous trip!

sweet dad took us to the diamondbacks vs. dodgers game. so fun! jared LOVES baseball, so he was especially stoked. thank you, dad!

my sister trevlyn adopted and new kitten, coco. so sweet!!! here she is snuggling with darling niece, tessa.

my beautiful momma cooking a DELICIOUS sunday dinner. polenta with a killer chicken-shrimp-bacon medley. wonderful. we love you, mom!

the kitties quickly adjusted to my parent's home. i'm sure they loved having much more space to run and play in comparison to our little apartment.