Saturday, January 29, 2011

but it's on clearance...

I have this nasty habit. I love to shop. and... the internet doesn't help much in this department of my life, because I can find so many treasures!

currently loving all of these items... and 99.9% of them are on sale/clearance...


Thursday, January 27, 2011

having a thrilling thursday!

the other night I was telling Jared about doing the morning announcements in grade school and how I would always say, "have a marvelous monday!" or "have a tubular tuesday!" or "have a wacky wednesday!"

so... we're trying to have a thrilling thursday. Jared made me breakfast. he's amazing like that. turkey bacon, eggs, & cottage cheese with cinnamon and blueberries (try it, it's fantastic, like Fridays...)

neither of us work today (awesome) so I'm stealing him away from his homework to go to t.j. maxx with me. I need some weights and I feel like t.j. maxx always has a ton of discounted work out gear. right?

I'm on another Lisa Mitchell kick today. I don't listen to her very often, but I love her. I especially enjoy her "Romeo & Juliet" originally done by Dire Straits. Here is the song done by three different artists, if you find the time to listen to all three... which is your favorite?

I love all three. Dire Straits video trumps all three though, hands down.


Friday, January 21, 2011

south africa.

I am fortunate enough to have some pretty wild dreams while sleeping. sweet Jared is nice enough to humor me while I explain them to him, then we both attempt to interpret them. over the last few nights, my dreams have all revolved around South Africa. I'm guessing that means that I've been thinking about it a lot. I really have. ever since I was young I've been intensely passionate about African cultures, landscapes, and especially the animals. I think my life would be complete if I could just cuddle and kiss a lion. ok, maybe I take that back.. having children with my sweetheart would top that. but really, I just want a lion to cuddle and have naptime with. it's a completely realistic goal in life. stop judging me.

two years ago I had the outrageous opportunity to travel to South Africa with my cousin, Ben. it was a pretty last minute trip, scrambling to get a rushed passport and request time off, and oh so worth it. I do not know how to fully explain my experience in South Africa. each day, I dreaded leaving for home. I wanted to stay so badly. more than the beautiful animals and country, the feeling there was indescribable.

I often had my ipod with me on our long drives there. each drive I listened exclusively to Paul Simon's Graceland album. I carried my favorite corduroy bag that my mom bought me in high school from the gap outlet. and in my bag I had a bottle of bath & body works black currant vanilla lotion to use.

I hope someday to take my sweetheart back there to share with him this beautiful country. until then, I reminisce by looking over my photos, listening to Graceland, smelling black currant vanilla lotion, and using my favorite bag..