Friday, December 21, 2012

seasonal favorites.

i love this time of year and all of the fun seasonal sweet treats and products that come out.  i just want to stock up on everything!
here are some of my favorite favorites:
1. hershey's candy cane kisses.  oh my goodness gracious these things are good.  they have just a little crunch of candy cane and are so so addicting.
2. fresh balsam candle.  i am a picky smeller.  when it comes to candles and lotions, i'm the worst.  but this one was a winner for me.  so yummy!
3. twisted peppermint hand cream.  perfect consistency, perfect peppermint smell.  so lovely.
4. twisted peppermint hand sanitizer.  can you tell i love this peppermint smell?  yeah.  i use this stuff and people around me smell it and ask if they can use some because it smells so good.  guess i should buy more to share!
5. trader joe's speculoos cookie butter.  my wonderful sister, dori, bought jared and i a ton of trader joe's goodies when it recently opened here in SLC.  one of the goodies she gave us was this cookie butter.  i was very hesitant to try it... but HELLO it's amazing!  consistency of peanut butter.. with a mild cookie flavor.  buy 5.  thank me later.
6. trader joe's candy cane joe joe's.  i couldn't find these cookies on trader joe's website, but the fact that they have their own facebook page shows how ridiculous they are.  buy 5 boxes of these, too.
if you have any seasonal favorites.. feel free to share with me!

Saturday, December 15, 2012