Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dear old dad.

our wonderful D.O. (dear old dad) passed away last week. he will be greatly missed. my brother, tyler, said of my grandpa,
"Albert E. Knight, from February 24, 1921 until today... holds the records as the best hunter, the best baseball player, the best pilot, the best fisherman, & the best comic of the Knight Family. This world has seen many men come and go. You would be hard pressed to find a more noble or more honorable man. A true Knight."

we were so happy to have mom, dad, trevlyn, mark & kiddos be able to come up for D.O.'s funeral. my dad and all three of his siblings contributed to a beautiful service and shared such wonderful memories of their father. D.O.'s obituary can be found here.

jared and I with sister, dori and neice, tessa.

jared and I with D.O. at his 90th birthday last year.