Thursday, April 28, 2011

zion. angels landing.

we made the drive down to zion for a hike and quick camp out. last time Jared and I went we did the narrows. amazing. it has been a few years since I have hiked angels landing, and Jared never had, so.. that was next on our agenda. upon arriving at the park we noticed caterpillars EVERYWHERE, they were falling from the trees where they were hatching from web-like, silk tents. hmm. sorry caterpillars, there were too many of you to avoid squishing some of you.. also, they were ALL OVER our campsite, falling everywhere. we woke up to them crawling all over the tent. should've taken pictures..

(half-way through the hike.. still smiling!)

ready for our angels landing story? here we go.. first, let me clarify, I have hiked angels landing before. 1500 foot hike, it's fun, gorgeous, a little sketchy, but not thaaat crazy. so, this time, I didn't anticipate having any problems. I made it through the first couple sections of chains, then I kinda started freaking out. I looked at the rest of the hike and wanted to throw up, all over it. so.. after 10 minutes of that, sweet sweet Jared guided his special wife back down the chains to wait for him while he hiked to the summit. THEN, I was scared for his life. goodness. I made him say a prayer with me for his safety. he took off, and I immediately started crying, imagining him dying somewhere along the way. really? no, really? what was wrong with me?! so not like me. a very special moment in my life, I guess. I waited for about an hour until I could spot him coming back down and immediately thanked Heavenly Father for keeping him safe. so... here are some beautiful photos he captured at the top, and fun photo of him. the end.

(photo below I took at the spot where I froze and started freaking out. I stood there watching people go up the little red marked path, trying to gain confidence.)

(photo below Jared took from the summit looking back at where I sat, waiting.)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

three tangent tuesday.

time for three tangent tuesday! where I blog about 3 random things. whatever I choose..

1. wooden pallets.

I see wooden pallets in the back of a building (behind chain linked fences) each time I go to Costco, which is VERY often. and each time I see them, I want them. all of them. so I can make things like this!!!




I realize that these may just be a ginormous splinter waiting to happen. but I'm willing to take the risk.

2. zion national park!!

Jared and I decided the other night that with our shared day off this week, we wanted to hike and camp in zion. ohhhhhh people, if you have not been to zion, you should go. really really. it is STUNNINGLY beautiful. angels landing, here we come. and, I am most excited to wake up to some of the most amazing views.. how about Jared and I give you a little more notice next time we go, and you can join us. deal? deal.


3. heavy sleepers.

(I realize we are not sleeping here... I just needed a photo)

we are heavy sleepers, no doubt about it. I giggle a little each time Jared asked if I remember a little convo we had the night before... and I have NO CLUE what he's talking about... because I was certainly not awake. I also love kissing Jared all over his face while he's snoozin and I am wide awake in the middle of the night. he doesn't even budge. poor Savvy didn't have a choice in these sleeping conditions. I wonder how many times we roll over on her not even knowing it. poor thing.

happy tuesday everyone.

Monday, April 25, 2011

easter dinner.

we had a wonderful Easter dinner at Dori's place. Andy, Annette & kiddos joined and it was fantastic. Dori made some fabulous food!!!

:::glazed carrot recipe found on dori's blog here:::

:::coconut cake and lemon curd. cake recipe here, and lemon curd recipe here:::
(not even joking, this may have been the best cake I have ever had!)

then dori sent us home with some ranunculus and daffodils from her place.. and leftovers! mmm.. thank you dori!

music monday. joanna newsom.

today's musician is joanna newsom. very unique and very talented. I was first introduced to her by my dear friend David years ago, and have loved her ever since.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

show and tell.

I have had this very old frame-saw for about a year now and haven't really liked how I had it before (photo here) so I repurposed it in our new place. we needed somewhere to hang coats & jackets by the front door but I didn't just want plain hooks on the wall. so, here is my solution. I'm loving it.

first, I put this piece of old ikea fabric on the wall, the same size as the frame-saw...

then, I hung the frame-saw over it, and hung these hooks.. tah-dah!

this would look just as great with just a simple frame, in fact, Jared would probably prefer that... he's not a fan of me hanging this rusty old saw on the wall and I don't blame him. maybe I'll just make sure that it's really securely hung when there are little ones running around!

fun stuff.

just wanted to post these videos.. some of my favorites.

laugh. a lot.

this next one isn't necessarily funny, but such a favorite. enjoy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

three tangent tuesday.

I cannot stop looking at delicious interior design photos online... so I figured out how to incorporate some of my favorites into THREE TANGENT TUESDAY. the first "tangent" will include photos of unique flooring, the second, painted ceilings, and third, COLORFUL decor. good enough? fantastic.


1. unique floors:

(this first one also has a painted ceiling... but I LOVE the floors!)

:::via sara gilbane:::