Thursday, December 30, 2010

my sweetheart.

it's been snowing here... A LOT. and it's freezing. I think the high is around 17 tomorrow. not okay. it probably would have been best if I wasn't out driving around running errands today, sliding around. but, I did.

I don't know what started me thinking about Jared.. but while I was driving I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband. I am one lucky girl. Jared and I have way too much fun together. I'm not sure if that's allowed.. I think we're supposed to be grown ups or something.. hmm. I am so happy that I have someone that I can pee-my-pants laugh with, belt out to the radio like no one's watching with, and dance like a crazy person in our family room... not only does he still like me after witnessing all of this... but he joins in. life is great. I love you sweetheart.

some of our fun memories..
(this was while we were dating... I showed up to his house and we were wearing the same outfit. barf. but so funny.)

memory grove park, slc.


multnomah falls.

mt. timpanogos.


Monday, December 27, 2010

gorgeous views.

for those of you who are not Apartment Therapy readers... let me just share with you...