Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I may have forgotten about this three tangent tuesday thing I am trying to do. ok, here are 3 random things about myself...

1. robert redford. I heart mr. redford. that is all.

(butch cassidy & the sundance kid)

(out of africa)

2. excedrin, oh how I love you... for about 8 hours you give me relief from the death residing in my neck, throat, and the rest of my body. did I mention how sick I am..? bleh... anyway, excedrin, bless you and your creators.

3. beehive tea room. this tea room is located in the heart of SLC and I love it. Jared introduced the tea room and I while we were dating and we often enjoyed a pot of herbal red rooibos tea (ROY-bos, and Afrikaans for "red bush"). the waitresses found it strange that we would ask for cream to go with it. but whatever, it's so yummy with just a tiny bit of cream. right now I could use me some time in the beehive tea room, and maybe a pot of rooibos. mmmm... rooibos...

enjoying tea with girlfriends.

enjoying tea with my very attractive and very dapper husband.

sicky sick girl.

yesterday morning, ok... maybe it was around 11 am, my sweet mother called and I was just waking up, still in bed. upon hearing my voice she expressed her concern saying I sounded sick. I assured her it was just my morning voice and that, although I did have a little sore throat, it was probably because I very attractively slept with my mouth open all night. I was wrong. my throat became more and more sore throughout the day and before I knew it I was sitting on the couch watching The Bachelor in my down Michael Kors coat and ugly winter boots trying to stay warm while I convulsed with chills and my fever was through the roof. sweet Jared took such good care of me all night, cuddling me, trying to keep me warm, even though I was a sweaty mess.

this afternoon rolled around and I still feel terrible and have to brace myself to swallow. I'm sure you know that feeling, awful huh? well, considering I hadn't eaten anything since my bowl of wheat chex yesterday morning, I decided I better eat something. and, of course, the only thing that sounded appetizing was french fries. thank you, husband, for making a trip to Crown Burger for your sweaty, feverish wife. I love you, and Crown Burger fries.

Friday, February 18, 2011

excuse me..?!

so I made a discovery tonight.. and as beautiful as this discovery is.. really, beautiful.. I am slightly heartbroken with the news..

anthro's wedding line is called BHLDN, stands for BEHOLDEN, just without the vowels. what fabulous news, right?!! I'm just sad that it didn't exist when I was planning my wedding.

if it did exist back then (which it SHOULD HAVE) I would have been yearning, swooning, and possibly drooling over the following choice items... ok, let's be honest, I am now yearning, swooning, and drooling over them now.

enjoy, from head to toe.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

go away snow.

last night I had a wonderful dinner with wonderful girlfriends. love them. our dinners are never long enough for all that we have to say..

the only problem with the evening... I left our place when it was fairly nice weather. crazy windy, but not cold. so, of course, I use any opportunity I can to wear sandals. not so smart though!! while driving to dinner we were hit with a snow storm. came outside from dinner to a few inches of snow on the car. sorry to report, mom, I was not a good boy scout and was not prepared. had to shuffle around in the snow and clean off the car in my sandals, with no coat.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

three tangent tuesday.

I'm going to try to stick with this Three Tangent Tuesday thing that my sweet cousin Amber shared on her blog. let's try it out... three things about you, your life, or things you have been dying to say....

tangent #1 - turquoise.

(please excuse the awful cell phone photo. and the chubby fingers.)

I love turquoise. it is so choice. my wedding rings are getting cleaned so while they are away, the turquoise comes out to play! I especially love the contrast with my red nails. my sweet mom bought this ring for me from a little jewelry shop in Prescott, AZ years ago.

tangent #2 - Kirby.

I love Kirby. he's my boy and he lives in Phoenix with my parents. often when I am on the phone with my mom I ask her to put me on speaker phone so I can talk to Kirby. he likes that. he misses me.

tangent #3 - The Cars.

I love The Cars. yes, as in Rick Ocasek, The Cars. ever since I was little, maybe 10 years old, The Cars and I have had this thing. we just, clicked. I had their tape, they had my adoration. yesterday I listened to them while getting ready for our V day lunch. it was fabulous.

happy three tangent tuesday to you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentines day!

we had our official Valentine's dinner last night since Jared works tonight.. on the menu: lettuce wraps (recipe found here). mmm!

we love the lettuce wraps at P.F. Chang's, and these are a very close second..

then today we went out for a Valentine's lunch at Hires Big H. Jared knew I've been wanting to go there forever, so it was a sweet surprise.. also, no snow on the ground! I got away with sandals today. love that.

I so love my sweetheart. we're so mushy and lovey every single day, so honestly, today really isn't any different. I wouldn't have it any other way.. so grateful for him..


Sunday, February 13, 2011

raindrops keep fallin on my head.

currently my favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. it's up there with Out of Africa... and... Jurassic Park.

I can tell Jared's enjoyed watching it lately, too, because I can hear him singing Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head in the shower, as I type this. I'm loving it.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

friday night special.

my sweet hubby made a delicious dinner last night after he got home from work.. so good. I love that he loves to cook. and of course while he was cooking I didn't know what to do with myself... so I indulged in some cake ball appetizers. what? when you're having a vegetarian dinner, it's allowed. recipe here! ( I made our's with german chocolate cake+german chocolate coconut pecan frosting dunked in milk chocolate).

and now please meet my favorite after-Christmas sale purchase from Anthro, Mr. Leo the lion ornament. Trevlyn's darling Valentine to the left and Amber & Ben to the right.

it was a lovely evening. and a fantastic dinner. and... now I want another cake ball.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

trevlyn's fabulousness.

my amazing sister, Trevlyn, is... well... just that, amazing. she is outrageously artistic. I say artistic instead of crafty because not only can Trevlyn conjure up the most lovely things out of scraps, but she can draw, she can decorate, and she has killer taste. Trevlyn also manages a house full of "happy boisterous kiddos" as she says. and yet, with her crazy busy life, she still finds time to be so generous to others. including Jared and I.

for Christmas, she made us this paper wreath for our home! I cannot express how in love with this wreath, I am. really. isn't it to die for?! it is now adorning our kitchen in our little breakfast nook.

props, Trevlyn. props. and MANY MANY thanks!!!

oh we love you.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

feel better Interpol.

so, remember Christmas? remember my fabulous make-my-husband-wet-himself-because-he's-so-stoked Christmas gift? Interpol concert tickets. if you don't remember, click here.
last night was the magic night! or so we thought... we arrived at the venue, parked about a block away (thinking there wouldn't be anything closer) then as we continued walking we both realized that the place was deserted. on the doors were flyers stating that the show was cancelled! poor Jared got a bomb of a Christmas gift huh? we then went to get a refund for the tickets and then on to the Sugarhouse Sundance Outlet to see if Jared could find a replacement Christmas gift. we both scored some great finds then enjoyed a nice dinner out.

thank you for a great evening, husband. and for not hating me for a bogus gift. if I had known this was going to happen... I would have sent Interpol some garlic and vitamin C.


(my disappointment outside the venue. yes, that is a snowflake.)

(my hot husband all dapper in his new quilted, wool jacket.)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


last night while Jared was homeworking, I was struggling to stay awake on the couch after work. I was freezing under a blanket, and realized that our radiators weren't coming on. I was about to ask Jared to text our building manager to ask him if there was something wrong with the radiators when Jared said he had a text from him already saying that they were broken. amazing.

so, today I am suddenly more grateful for the following items:

down coats.
steaming apple cider.
ugly boots. (people who witness them in public, don't judge, I know perfectly well they're hideous... but they're warm!)
down comforters.
cuddle buddies. aka my husband.
hot hazelnut cocoa. with mallows.
ovens. (I left the door open after making black bean, cilantro nachos.)
hot showers. heavenly.
hot water bottles. if only we had one.
electric blankets. again, if only we had one.
anything wool.

at 3 pm this afternoon our place was only 54 degrees and now I think it's up to 62. even now, as I type, I am wearing my fingerless, army green, wool gloves from an army surplus store. so add them to the list. oh.. the joys of living in a historic building..